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Open Sesame!

Hanging out, made easy

Open Sesame!
You shouldn't have to schedule to be with friends

"I feel like I never actually get to talk to [my friends] and then now I'm speaking to them like three hours a day, so to be completely honest, Sesame is probably the best... thing about [my school] so far."

- one excited student

See when friends are free

"The door visibility is the best part... I know when it's okay for me to talk to my friend"

Open Door = open to chill
Closed Door = busy, don't disturb

You can join your friends' calls too, the more the merrier!


50% talking 50% studying :)

Pranoy Dutta

Angela Yuan


working on CS ☕

Neel Shanmugam

Anay Gupta



Maddie Wang
Down 2 Costudy :)


Lainey Wang
Got class/meetings till 3pm


Hang out, spontaneously!

Talk and co-work with friends instantly. No awkward Zoom links.

Try it, click Maddie!

Maddie Wang
Down 2 Costudy :)


Open Sesame!

3,540 calls in the past 7 days

Join over 1,000+ students from Harvard, Stanford, TAMS, OBS, MIT, and more

Open Sesame!

Sesame does not store any video or audio data because we value privacy. We use a fully encrypted, 100% open source video conferencing server, Jitsi. We pledge not to be Mark Zuckerberg.

developed by Stanford and Harvard students: Maddie Wang, Cole Kissane, and Catherine Yeo.